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Rossi M92 .357?

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So, I've been thinking, when I can come up with the money, it might be worth getting a backup rifle to my main battle rifle, my SKS. I will (hopefully) be getting a very nice Ruger Security Six .357 in 2 weeks if I can come up with $310 bucks (sold my Mosin Nagant 91/30 for $90 bucks, gave the money to the particularly nice store owner to hold it). BTW, I know this is the rifle section, but is $400 a good price? It was in good shape, timing was excellent, trigger pull was like O go again, getting off topic. Anyways, I was thinking that a lightweight .357 lever action would be a perfect companion to the Security Six. Are the Rossi/Puma M92's good for the money? I'm not looking for beauty, I'm looking for functionality. Do they take just about anything you throw in e'm? Fairly accurate? Decent action (doesn't have to be smooth as butter)

I've always loved lever action rifles for some reason. Maybe it was because even though I'm part of the "new" generation, I grew up with John Wayne movies, and The Rifleman, and Bonanza...the first gun I ever fired was my dad's beautiful Grade II Browning BL22.
That might be part of my justification for wanting one, but, would the Rossi M92 serve my purpose as a lightweight, handy, fast backup rifle? I'm on a budget, and I'm trying to put away money for the Security Six, so it'll probably have to end up being a birthday present. But the thing is, my birthday isn't till the end of *gulp* august, so I'll be stuck without a backup gun if the SHTF before then. Hopefully my SKS won't fail me. Then again, about all you can do to mess up an SKS is drive over it with an M1A1 Abrams,
so I think I'll be good until then :)
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I was looking at them too but decided just to buy some light load .30-30 for the rifles I have. As a first "home defense" weapon it would probably be good. I understand that they often have problems feeding .38 cartridges so in full SHTF I'd stick with the .357.

Visit / first. He sells a maintenance dvd plus a couple of parts that will help the gun run better.
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