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Rossi M92 .357?

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So, I've been thinking, when I can come up with the money, it might be worth getting a backup rifle to my main battle rifle, my SKS. I will (hopefully) be getting a very nice Ruger Security Six .357 in 2 weeks if I can come up with $310 bucks (sold my Mosin Nagant 91/30 for $90 bucks, gave the money to the particularly nice store owner to hold it). BTW, I know this is the rifle section, but is $400 a good price? It was in good shape, timing was excellent, trigger pull was like O go again, getting off topic. Anyways, I was thinking that a lightweight .357 lever action would be a perfect companion to the Security Six. Are the Rossi/Puma M92's good for the money? I'm not looking for beauty, I'm looking for functionality. Do they take just about anything you throw in e'm? Fairly accurate? Decent action (doesn't have to be smooth as butter)

I've always loved lever action rifles for some reason. Maybe it was because even though I'm part of the "new" generation, I grew up with John Wayne movies, and The Rifleman, and Bonanza...the first gun I ever fired was my dad's beautiful Grade II Browning BL22.
That might be part of my justification for wanting one, but, would the Rossi M92 serve my purpose as a lightweight, handy, fast backup rifle? I'm on a budget, and I'm trying to put away money for the Security Six, so it'll probably have to end up being a birthday present. But the thing is, my birthday isn't till the end of *gulp* august, so I'll be stuck without a backup gun if the SHTF before then. Hopefully my SKS won't fail me. Then again, about all you can do to mess up an SKS is drive over it with an M1A1 Abrams,
so I think I'll be good until then :)
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I have one in stainless and I really like it, you're not going to get a marlin or winchester for $400 unless you're really lucky.

I bought a ranch hand in 45 colt a while back because I thought it was neat and realized it was a pretty good gun, good smooth action and far more accurate than I thought it would be so I decided to try the 92 in 357 and I'm just as impressed with it.

The main problem most people have with them is the safety on the bolt (and the fact that they are not a winchester or marlin).

I say go for it.
I've got a Rossi 357 with the 20 inch barrel.. the thing is damn accurate. It's fairly light and seems "cheap" by the feel of it. Definitely not as heavy duty as any of my Marlins. However, it shoots straight and that is what really matters. It's about 2 hundred bucks cheaper too, so it's nice on a pocketbook that needs more attention.

* It does have periodic issues with feeding wad cutters, but that is typical with any lever action.
Thanks. I think when and if I get the money, i'll get one.

I don't intend on shooting wadcutters anyways.

Even though it's not "heavy duty", it should be able to still shoot some hot .357 loads fine? I'm going for versatility here, so I can hunt small game with lighter .38 specials, defend myself with hotter loaded .38 Specials, preferably the old 158 grain FBI style loads along with average .357 Mag loads, and hunt larger game with hot .357 loads.

I heard somewhere that you can replace that stupid safety with a top tang sight, is this true?
Just picked one up yesterday, in honor of MLK Day and Obama's Coronation. Was interested in a single stack .40 for concealed carry, but they didn't have the model I wanted. Saw the Rossi and have waned one for a while. Don't see 'em too much so I bought it. I share your reasoning about the common rifle/pistol cartridge.
I have two, love em! Gun slinger spring kits, stainless mag followers and Steve Jones DVD. You can replace the top bolt safety with a dummy, or a base for peep sight, which is real handy. I'm presently finishing an American walnut stock/forend set for my wife's; added a little weight, and looks fantastic.

If all I had were a 92 in 357, I'd not feel outgunned; point like a dream, reliable, mine are accurate, and 357 in a rifle is like a brand new caliber.
Had a Rossi .357 lever-gun. Fun shooter with a respectable carbine round. Sold it which was a mistake as I missed it right away. Replaced it with a Marlin, but it took a while to find one as .357 lever actions had become rare for some reason at the time.
I have one, it is a very boring rifle. Shoots and cycles everything I load in it accurately. Even wadcutters in 38Sp cases. ****** Steves Gunz has a peep sight that replaces the bolt safety. ****** I have 2 Sec Sixes. You cant go wrong with them. My 2 favorites loads are a 180gr RNFP at 1600FPS and a 125gr HP at 1700fps. A 158gr LSCW at 800fps makes for a nice quiet small game load. I HAVENT CHRONO'ED those loads out the rugers yet.
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never had a Rossi rifle, but have shot a buddy's Marlin .357 - the .357 really comes alive w/his hot handloads.
I hope to find any brand as companion to my GP100 4".
I was looking at them too but decided just to buy some light load .30-30 for the rifles I have. As a first "home defense" weapon it would probably be good. I understand that they often have problems feeding .38 cartridges so in full SHTF I'd stick with the .357.

Visit / first. He sells a maintenance dvd plus a couple of parts that will help the gun run better.
I aso picked one up recently and it's become a favorite of mine and the wife. The 16 inch barrel is handy and it's a perfect companion to my 3inch GP100. The're are alot of lever guns that cost quite a bit more but I would rather spend the extra funds on ammo.
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