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This is how things are going as of June 22 - our backyard is about 35 ft x 85 ft

Starting from the back area:

Cabbages and caulis

Brussels sprouts and potato bags

Corn, beans and squashes (and some cukes)

Moving to the upper level, and just in front of the chicken run are runner beans

Peas on another frame, and pumpkins along the fence

Radishes my 7 y.o. dd helped plant and takes delight in pulling up now

From in front of kitchen door, the right side of garden

From in front of kitchen door, the left side of garden

Our new girls (12 weeks old), Fiamma (RIR) and Zuzu (Araucana), out exploring

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Beautiful. I wish I had the mild weather you have in parts of the UK, so perfect for gardening.
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