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Rifled Barrel Relief...

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I use a 12ga with a fully rifled barrel... it's a Mossberg model 695. I have spent an absurd amount of money fueling that gun... sabot slugs currently sell for about $3 a piece.

I decided that this gun is my designated SHTF firearm, as it is accurate, packs a punch and needs minimal maintenance... but ammo cost was a problem and I wanted to have a good pile stocked.

After a bit of research, lots of emptied shells and a bruised shoulder, I have finally found a reasonable (and affordable) solution...

Brenneke KO 2 3/4" 1oz. rifled slugs.

After learning that these rifled slugs could indeed be used in a rifled barrel, I tried the Brenneke 3" Magnums -OUCH! So, i bought several boxes of the KO's at $4.89 per box and was pleasantly surprised.

I tested them at 70yds... consistent 2-3" groups and I could shoot them all day without breaking my shoulder or bank account. I had one issue with the shell ejecting, but it seems to have gone away.

After many, many shells, there was hardly any lead fouling in the barrel... hardly anything at all, actually... very clean.

So, for all you folks with rifled barrels, who are tired of spending a fortune on sabot slugs, have no fear. You can affordably stockpile ammo for your slugger... you can, in fact, affordably just shoot it for fun!
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Captain I wanted to pipe in here, not to argue with you but I want to make sure you understand what you're talking about and more importantly spending your money on.

a regular joe "slug" AND a "rifled slug" go exclusively in regular shotguns (READ: SMOOTHBORE or NON-RIFLED-BARRELS).

A Regular slug is normal and the idea is HOPEFULLY A "rifled Slug" will pick up some spiraling and therefore stability when it proceeds along its trajectory (read: It will hopefully spin like a rifle bullet).

Rifled slugs are usually a little more than "Regular" slugs in price but nowadays its not even that bad, you can basically focus your shopping attention on Cheap RIFLED slugs and you're good.

They are NOT FOR Rifled barrels. I believe you are shooting them through your barrel and probably think you're shooting okay but you are not using either your gun, Or your ammo, properly.

SABOT Slugs are created Exclusively for Rifled Barrels. They are designed to engage the rifling in the rifled barrel and impart serious (or at least serious for a shotgun) gyroscopic stability upon firing and give maximum spin and twist during flight, like a nice QB pass 70 yards with a football. They are Very expensive.

So I understand your hesitation to spend that money, but no offense, there is no other reason really to have a rifled slug gun than to use sabot slugs for maximum accuracy. I wish not to disagree or argue publically bUt I don't want to see other people make possible mistakes. Rifled Slug Gun = Sabot Slugs, that's why you got it. "Regular" or "Rifled" Slugs may be "cheaper" but you're wasting your money that you seem to already have wasted on that gun.
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Yeah I just don't know where you're getting this as if, this particular "The Brenneke RIFLED slugs are indeed for use in EITHER" ... Of course they are, you can use any of them you want in that rifled slug barrel. There is no problem, it's just pointless, the reason you'd buy a rifled slug barrel is for shooting slugs, most likely sabot slugs which is why they invented sabot slugs. I'm not really talking about damage bud, of course you're not going to hurt it, it's just pointless and you're posting as if you discovered some secret or something, and you're advocating people do it. What you're doing is saving you money, I guess, sure, but you're not using your gun or the ammo for what either is designed for. No problems, I mean, do what you gotta do and go on with your bad self, but don't start posting like you figured out some secret deal and want to be the bearer of great news for people, you're not exactly providing sound advice here.
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