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Just picked up a pair of Revision Vipertails and I'm really happy with them. Replaced a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators with them. Fit very well (and I've got a punkin head), very comfortable glasses...and they look pretty good too.
Rubber earpieces hold them in place with no slipping. The nicest thing that I like about the earpieces, or temple pieces or whatever you call them is that they are not hard plastic like the RayBans and all the other wire rim sunglasses out there.

Optically they are very clear. No distortion at all from edge to edge. The top of the glasses are low enough that they don't hit the bill on my baseball cap when I wear one. The frames are wide enough to give you a good field of vision yet you don't look like an owl with oversized lenses. The lower portion of the frames under the lenses are high enough that if you smile or talk your cheeks don't push the glasses up. (I guess that's only a problem for people with fat cheeks!) The lenses are dark enough that no one can see your eyes.

Actually, I like them so much that I just bought a second pair. One pair to keep in the "company car" the other for my off duty truck. Won't have to worry about where my shades are. :D:

By the way....I found a discount code to use if you order direct from Revision. Use discount code word MONKEY and you get 30% off. List price $89.99 minus $27 discount with the code, final price $62.99 plus shipping (mine was $7.09 for ground shipping) For that price you can't go wrong. I've got 2 pair of quality sunglasses that have impact and UV protection for less than what most people pay for a pair of RayBan's, Oakley's, Maui Jim's and most of the other popular sunglasses out there.

Revision's got a winner with these!!!!! :thumb:

From Revision's website:
PREMIUM COMFORT: lightweight with superior fit and retention for all-day performance
HIGH-IMPACT PROTECTION: exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 and U.S. military standard MIL-PRF-31013, clause
RUGGED DURABILITY: high-impact frame with reinforced hinges to outlast and outperform
FLAWLESS OPTICS: lenses precision manufactured for distortion-free vision
TOUGH-COAT LENSES: prevent scratching in the harshest environments
100% UV PROTECTION: from harmful UV A-B-C rays
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