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Civilian Source's Reviewers Reward Challenge is?

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Reviewers Reward Challenge #1

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Reviewers Reward Challenge #1

Reward: $20.00 Voucher​
How this works
Be one of the first four (4) members to complete the Enrollment. (see rules)

Write a review of the free products you receive.

Best reviewer wins a $20.00 Voucher good for 1 year @ our store.

1. Create an account at our store so we have your shipping address.

2. E-mail or message us w/ your account name and user name so we can verify you are a member.

3. Select up to $10.00 worth of items from our store. (1 or more)

4. Copy and paste the addresses of each item you would like to review in your comment below.

Rules members ONLY w/ a minimum of Ten (10) Posts!

Reviews and links to video reviews must be submitted to our store @ each products description page.

You must write a review for each product you receive (good or bad) or you will be disqualifed from further Reviewers Reward Challenges.

Reviews must be submitted within 2 weeks of receiving your items to qualify for the reward.

Excluded Products: Peppermace, Mace and Pepperspray

Reviewers will be judged by length, accuracy, excitement, amount of reviews per challenge, additional uses not specified by manufacturer and extra points for video Reviews. Creativity is key when choosing your products.

With over 900 products under $10.00 to choose from there should be something that sparks your interest. Shop By Price

All reviews will be posted @ our store and our forum section here after the challenge.

Begin! :thumb:​
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Me likey :) I'll take it, and review it. Most likely I will do videos of tabletop reviews, pictures of field trials, and complete write ups of the item performance etc.
You been following me around on here lately trying to out do me :p
Good to see others supporting Bret, good luck to you all I so know I won't be winning I am not smart when it comes to reviews and wording of things!
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