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I know there is a place in bug out packs, trucks and safe house's to have one of these products... This is a review I wrote on the iGen from Night Owl Optics last year, thought I would post it here FYI...


Over the years I have had the opportunity to use a big variety of night vision products, including some of the very expensive generation 2 and 3 models. Some I have been very impressed with but with that came a big price. Until now the old saying you get what you pay for has been a steadfast rule in night vision optics. Yes, I did say, “Until now” and thanks to Night Owl Optics, that has changed.

Before I get into all of that, think back to your first time using night vision equipment. For most of us it was the generation 1 products and it was great to be able to “see” in the dark no matter what at that point. One seemed to overlook the fuzzy edge around the viewfinder and at first wiped the front lens countless times trying to get those black spots off. I know a few people that did that and spent lots of time flipping the unit over looking at the lens to see what was on there. Then they went into “well it must be on the inside of the lens or on the viewfinder” mode. Until they called the manufacturer and found out that is just how it was.

Then the generation II and III came out and they were better, but still not perfect. Also you may have needed to get a loan to buy these units at first. Now they have all come down in price as most things do over time. So let’s just save you time and money if you are looking to buy your first unit or to upgrade and replace an older version.

That is where the iGen from Night Owl comes into focus! They may not know it yet but they have in my opinion just changed the industry standard in night vision for the civilian population! In more ways then one. Forget the black spots and the out of focus edge of what you are looking through. These are now a thing of the past along with the 2nd house mortgage to buy a better unit.

This unit is like no other unit I have ever used before with the CRYSTAL CLEAR images and the ability to change the color you are looking at, Night Owl just changed everything! We are all used to the standard light green color of night vision but along with the green you can have your choice of true black and white, red and blue! I do not mean a pale red or blue, I mean a vivid red and blue color. The black and white looks so true to black and white photos it will just amaze you.

I had been waiting on this unit from Night Owl for a long time, delivery date was pushed back as they wanted to make sure it was everything it was supposed to be before it was released to the public. Well Night Owl, you not only did that but you passed anything we could have expected! This is one product that was well worth the wait as far as I am concerned. I had seen the reports and the presentations about this product months before I had it in my hands. I have to say I knew this was going to be a better unit but… I bet it still will not be “perfectly clear” I just knew that there would be black spots somewhere. I am not ashamed to admit, I was wrong, very wrong…

The technology used in this is completely different from units of the past and even some of the generation III units are not this clear. You also can record or view live streaming video from this via the RCA type plug built into the side of the unit. Mount this on the tripod (with the built in tripod mount) and plug in a video recorder and record whatever you are after. Plug and record, no need to change any other iGen setting! This unit is powered by 4 AA batteries, also has 2 times the sensitivity to infrared light, automatically adjust its built in infrared emitter for what is needed and so much more! The list of advantages the iGen will do will blow you away.

Now to top it all off is the price. You may think in the thousands of dollars for a unit like this. You would be right in thinking that from the “history” of night vision equipment of the past. Night Owl has once again set another industry standard with the $499 thru $700.00 dollar price range for the iGen. Do some shopping online to find the prices.

As I see it you will not find a better unit at this price, in fact not even double or triple the price you will pay for the iGen. Every so often in our world a company comes out with something that may change the way we think or use products in the future, ladies and gentlemen, Night Owl Optics has done that with the iGen. Do yourself a big favor and sell your old night vision on e-bay and replace it with the iGen, you will be glad you did!
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