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This video was posted as a reply in another thread, so I wanted to give it a thread of its own in the videos section.

This is the Colman 533 dual fuel stove. This stove can use white gas and regular gasoline. This is my first liquid fuel stove. I usually use my propane stove on camping and hiking trips.

Coleman 533 dual fuel stove - Also known as the Coleman Sportster II, the 533 is dual fuel, meaning it can use Coleman fuel (white gas) or unleaded gasoline.

This is an excellent individual camp stove for car, truck, SUV or cabin camping. It is a little large for backpacking, but people say they backpack and use the Coleman 533 dual fuel stove. When compared to using a single burner stove with a 1 pound propane bottle, the 533 is more compact than the single burner propane stove.

My Coleman 533 measures:

5 5/8 inches tall
4 3/4 burner diameter
5 1/4 base diameter
Empty weight is around 2 1/2 pounds

This is a robust camp stove and I like that it is dual fuel. If I were off roading for several days, the Coleman dual fuel 533 would probably be my go to stove. 1 gallon of Coleman fuel is supposed to equal around 4 1/2 pounds of propane.

For an individual bugging out in his or her SUV, truck or car, the Coleman 533 would be ideal. For a car survival kit, the Coleman 533 is just right. Coleman fuel is sold in 32 ounce containers, 1 gallon or even 5 gallons.



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I bought one of those stoves a year ago and like it alot. Mine serves as a back-up cooking source for around my home, though I would like to get a larger dual fuel stove. It's far more economical in terms of fuel effeciency, IMHO, when compared to my Coleman propane stoves.

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Kev, will that stove spill the fuel if its turned over? Just wondering if I need to consider that when tossing the day pack around.

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Kevin that thing is too heavy, i used to have one. Have you ever tried an alcohol stove (look for the Seva type on e-bay or also the MSR whisperlite international bacause it will work on jet-fuel, kerosene, diesel, unleaded gas etc... My personal fav is the alcohol stove.. no matter where you are you can get fuel for it. I also really love my Jetboil.. anyway cant stop watching your videos dude
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