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I was lucky enough to be able to test a beta model of a new flashlight coming out soon from a flashlight company named Fenix.
It is called the TK45 and it is a LED flashlight with a maximum output of an impressive 760 lumens from 8 standard AA size batteries!

Some quick specs from the manufacturer:

Low brightness, 8 lumens (232 hrs)
Mid brightness, 95 lumens (22 hrs)
High brightness, 312 lumens (6.5hrs)
Turbo brightness, 760 lumens (2hrs)

It will use 3 Cree XPG LED(R5) with a lifespan of 50,000 hrs.
Digitally regulated output for constant brightness.
Intelligent memory function.
Premium Type III hard anodized aluminum finish.
Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard
Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
Has Strobe, SOS, Warning flash modes

Using rechargeable AA size batteries, I believe this flashlight could be useful as a survival tool. I am very impressed with this flashlight. The design is futuristic and the quality is excellent. I especially like the low brightness mode which gives a very long 232 hrs of runtime. With 10 hrs a night, that's 23 days!

I have attached some pics. The right switch on the light turns it on and off. The left switch cycles through the brightness levels. The beamshot pic shows a car headlight on the right and the TK45 on Turbo brightness on the left. It is very bright.


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I'm sure its a great flashlight, but after seeing the model number, I think Fenix has been watching too much Star Wars :) there a thing as too much Star Wars??? :thumb:

Why isn't that flashlight at it's post?

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Not experienced with this specific light, but 2 others...

So Fenix is a company out of China, just to put that out front.

My wife carried a smaller 2-AA battery type of theirs in Iraq. It was brighter than their supplied search light. She would be the one to blind drivers to stop them. After huffing and puffing about the initial buy, she thanked me after the first night of using it.

I have one in my car bag as well - not a lick of problems with it.

My wife's had a problem when it was about 7 years old. It failed to turn on/off. Working with the company via email was fine - they listed basic troubleshooting steps to figure out which part was bad and how to see if it was an issue with the switch, spring, etc. Hers turned out to be a bad switch. They shipped it form China immediately, no questions asked, no RMA required, etc. Screwed the new switch on and boom - back to working again.

Good lights, I will probably buy more.
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