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I was chasing some threads on some splice nuts that I welded into the legs of the baby bed I'm building and broke a 3/8-16 tap off flush. I'll admit to being in a hurry and cheating by using an electric drill to power tap the threads. Well, I didn't let off in time and the tap bottomed out and SNAP, there it was. Broke off flush with the top of the threads.

I tried the old hammer and punch to back it out but it had hit bottom hard and was IN THERE.

Now I've been in the metal fabrication and welding business for over 30 years and have removed a lot of broken taps but each one is a cross your fingers situation.

I selected a flat washer from the many that you accumulate over the years and placed it over the hole. You have to use the correct size so that you only see the broken tap (or bolt if that is your problem at the time) and the washer protects the parent material that you don't want to get weld on. This one was a 5/16" flat washer.

I placed the washer over the ragged end of the tap and welded the tap to the washer. After that cooled for a few minutes, I welded an old 5/16 bolt head and shaft that I had sawn off of something and was just laying around to the washer.

After that cooled I put a combination wrench on the bolt head and gingerly gave it a twist. SHAZAM! Out it came, slicker as a whistle.

I even used it as is to chase the last 8 holes out due to the fact that it's Sunday evening, raining and nothing is open to buy another tap.

hope this helps someone that needs to get a broken tap or bolt out of a hole someday.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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