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Remington 870 express super-mag

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I recently bought a new 870 express super-mag. I only have put about 75 rounds through it (10 on dove hunting and the rest on clay targets). My last time out shooting, it started to jam, and couldn't figure out what was causing it. Thinking it was just new and needed to be shot a lot, i figured a good cleaning and oil job would help. After completely tearing down the gun, as I was pulling out the trigger mechanism, one side of the shell ejectors fell out. After cleaning and putting back together, after only one pump, it jammed again. I came to the conclusion (with the help of the local game warden who knows just about everything when it comes to guns) that the shell ejector that popped out was causing it to jam.

I was just curious if anyone else had any of these problems. I called remington and I am mailing the gun back to them. I hope this is problem does not occur very often, as I did my research and for the price, many sources said the 870 was the most reliable.

Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Remington will fix it. I don't have a problem with mine, but I got it in 2002.

There may be little "need" for 3.5" shells, but if you're scrounging for ammo post SHTF I'd rather have the option of using found 3.5" shells versus just looking at them.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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