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Reminder of Group: Parents of Children with Disabilities!

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Hey there! just reminding all those members that summer vacation is out and most kids are back in school. This is a good time to get back in touch with or join the group: Parents of Children With Diabilities, just follow the linky.

I started a thread for us to share what we did with our kids over summer break, hope to hear alot of stories!

To those of you who havent known about this group here at Survivalist Boards, its a safe place to come to ask for help, give some help, look up lots of great information and even vent if you need to.

We have lots of links for parents to check out regarding Social Security assistance, organizations that help out the "differently-abled" such as A.R.C., IEP info, etc. Also have heartwarming things that people have written for "Special" kids and in support of their parents. Please give us a try!

Thanks! --- Eric AKA borrowed time (group caretaker)
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just had a new member join! come on in and be part of the action!
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