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Rem 1100/Thru Scope Mount/Tac Star Shell Holder Mod.

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While back I remember seeing a post about mounting a Shell hold and a scope mount on a shotgun. Well I had been wanting to try to do just that. So I went out got screws and other items I might need such as coffee.

Got looking found the back side of the scope mount had a grove (photo 2) which would keep the bolt/nut off the weapon. Took the Tac Star Shell holder apart found it to be hollow (hummm light bulb blinks).

This became to simple. Heck with the screws drilled me 3 holes in the scope mount. Mounted the Tac Star to it with screws from shot gun drilled matching holes.Picked up the pop rivet gun put in three rivets. Took a punch and hammer made sure the rivets did not stick up above scope mount grove. Put it all back together. Finish and time for another cup of coffee. Been playing with it feels good. Think I am going to like this little modification.

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