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Redundancy and Backups

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I have a tendency to want to get backups and redundancy for my preps, that is, I don't want all my eggs in one basket if I can help it.

I have at least six ways to produce or store potable water (monolithic filters, calcium hypochlorite, Aquapods, water heater, bottled water, "boxed" water). Given how important water is, having lots of redundancy makes sense to me.

I have a Country Living mill, bought the spare parts and extra burrs for it.

I have a 4000-watt genny; bought a small 900-watt genny as an emergency backup to the emergency backup.

What do you deem so important that you have either stocked spares, identified alternative methods, or bought extras as backups?

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Ok I could write a book here but I will just do a few things…

Water: Berkey, Katadyn, tablets, Britta, storage tanks (a few of each) Coleman Hot Water on demand (2)

Generator: 8,000 watt, 4,000 watt & 2,000 watt 2 are gas & one is tri fuel 1,500 gallons of gas stored

Solar panels: 3 - 150 watt systems (none set up at this time)

Lighting: Solar LED flood lights, LED in house bulbs

Power inverter: 5,000 watt & 800 watt

Batteries: 6 Deep cycle 12 volt – 10 packs of SureFire 72 count 123 Lith’ batteries – a box of over 250 Energizer AAA, AA, D, C 9volt

Propane: 5/20 pound tanks, 50/1 pound bottles, 1/100 pound, 1/250 gallon

Ammo: Reload

This is just a little bit of what I have going on but I believe in backup for backups and depending on what it is even the backups may have a backup… It depends on storage space and importance...:thumb:
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