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Red Jacket Firearms AMD65 (Son of Guns)

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So I realized something interesting. I had bought an AMD65 from my brother who owns an online gun business. He had had it sitting around forever. I was looking at it and noticed the bottom of it has RJF B.R., LA carved into the bottom of it.

I called him up and he told me it was one of Red Jacket's first couple of firearms. They were apparently still a small business and carved it in with a dremel since they didnt have a stamp yet. He got it back in 2001ish when he was working for another gun company out of Arizona (Joeken firearms). Anyone know anything about RJF to tell me if this sounds legit. I doubt my brother would lie but he is my brother...

You guys think its worth any extra since it has a tv show about it and its one of their original firearms?
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I don't think people are paying a premium for their rifles, there's plenty of them out there and they're still cranking them out every week. If they ever go out of business it might become collectable, but that's a long shot too.

I bought a brand new Polish Underfolder of theirs this year for $600 from Atlantic Firerams.
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