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Recycled Building Materials: Observation

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During our motorcycle roadtrip wife made a reservation at a Days Inn in Rantoul, Illinois. Hotel was a dump needless to say.

Anyways, was in local gas station in Rantoul. Found out that there used to be an Airforce base there. Chanute AFB, was closed in 1993. Was reading a local newspaper that they were finally in the process of taking down one of the huge facilities on the old base. It was a 500K square foot brick walled building. Called the "The White Hall". Anyways, long story short. If any of the fellow preppers on here in that area could probably get a few building materials. I have no idea who to contact. I know if i lived in that area, i would be finding a contact. Just wanted to share the information.
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Recycling perfectly good building materials is a great thing to do.
I have seen HUGE hardwood beams from old buildings go to waste.
Bricks, steel, glass, doors... good stuff. A lot of great material out there that doesn't belong in landfills.
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