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recurve bow

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I just got a recurve and I am planning on hunting in the future. Lot of practicing to do. Any tips for a newbie?
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If your new to archery , there is lots to learn.
While your not actually shooting unstring the bow , it will maintain it's strength longer.
I see bows for sale and their left strung on the display ,they will be worthless junk by the time any one gets them.
I realize it's old school ,but I believe it's good advise.
There are all kinds of sighting systems and mechanical release which are helpful.
Recurves are a kind of instinctive thing when you get use to it with out the mechanical assistance.
Personally I prefer the real leather glove to those finger pad things .
But when it's really serious, I like the mechanical release .
I need to get back into it , it's been ages since I've flown a shaft, it seems.
Searching through my stuff I found a bear archery company bow Grayling. Michigan
us pat's 2,423,765 2,613,660 2,665,678 Canada 1953
Glass Powered little bear 85653 48" 18#@24"
Good little bow for teaching kids .
I've storred it with a string on the front side preserving the curl .
Some one gave me a bow that was also a bear 50# but some one had left it strung indefinitely and it twisted the bow and ruined it I gave up on it and gave it away.
Hoping some day to teach my grandson how to shoot a bow and arrow.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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