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Background on NJ's Recall Campaign
In case you haven't heard, NJ is having it's own recall campaign to recall NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney. Sweeney is from a largely rural district and has always been pro-sportsman and pro gun. Two years ago, there were a lot of anti-gun bills that were proposed in NJ's Senate. Senate President Sweeney promised that if he was elected, he would block every one of these bills from even making it to committee. He was elected and immediately combined all 21 anti-gun bills into one big anti gun bill, put his name on it, and pushed it quickly through the NJ Senate. It passed both the NJ Senate and NJ Assembly but was thankfully vetoed by Governor Christie. Christie vetoed it because he's pretending to be anti-gun so he can be president. Sweeney pushed it through because he wants to be governor and the rest of NJ is anti-gun so he needs to be anti-gun too.

The Shenanigans
The NJ 2nd Amendment Society (NJ2AS) is having it's big petition drive tomorrow. They need 35,000 signatures to force a recall vote. They have enough volunteers that each person needs to get about 60 signatures. They have walking routes already mapped out for each volunteer with only houses that are likely to be sympathetic and likely to sign a petition.

The location of the training tomorrow morning was a secret until today. This was to prevent Sweeney's people from having time to interfere with the event. The secret location was an indoor sports facility called Total Turf Experience. The location was booked and paid for 2 months ago. The owners knew what the event was about and were supportive and wanted to help out.

NJ2AS received a call this afternoon from Total Turf Experience that the event was being cancelled. It's worked out okay, the group scrambled and found a new spot to train 600-800 volunteers. The recall goes on.

Interestingly enough, these items were discovered today. Seems that Senator Sweeney has some ties to Total Turf Experience and that the whole offer to host the event was made just to derail the recall effort.
  1. Senator Sweeney was present at the groundbreaking for Total Turf Experience
  2. Senator Sweeney was present for the grand opening for Total Turf Experience
  3. Some guy named Joe Sweeney is the lead website developer for Total Turf Experience (bottom of the page)

This is how politics is done in NJ!
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