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Different things to different people. I have an ideal 83 acre retreat that I am trying to sell because I live on three acres at the edge of town near my kids that I intend to stay on.
If I make any serious preparations it will be to get a couple of milk goats, some rabbits and a few chickens.

I have close neighbors and none of them are nuts, well most of them aren't and we cooperate in watching each others places when we are gone and help each other.

We already live a pretty simple life and really enjoy it. I don't watch TV, read the papers or listen to the radio. I am on the internet so I can be selective in what I learn about.

Lots of folks go wild with weapons acquisitions. I much prefer a 22 rifle and 22 pistol and a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun. You can buy and store LOTS of 22 ammo and do lots of practicing with them as well, especially with the pistol. If I were to expand that list it would be with a 223 varmint rifle and maybe a Ruger mini 14. I don't think anyone can shoot an automatic weapon with accuracy and most folks don't realize with the rate of fire of an auto that they will be out of ammo in about 3 seconds. Life ain't like the movies. I grew up hunting with a 22 single shot and never considered myself handicapped and still don't.
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