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...Lots of folks go wild with weapons acquisitions. I much prefer a 22 rifle and 22 pistol and a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun. You can buy and store LOTS of 22 ammo and do lots of practicing with them as well, especially with the pistol. If I were to expand that list it would be with a 223 varmint rifle and maybe a Ruger mini 14. I don't think anyone can shoot an automatic weapon with accuracy and most folks don't realize with the rate of fire of an auto that they will be out of ammo in about 3 seconds...
Good choices in guns, though something heavier than a .223 might be in order.

Regarding the comment about automatic weapons, I'm in here a lot and cannot recall any thread talking about "auto" weapons, everything is semi-auto (one trigger pull, one shot). There is no Class III discussion at all, which does not surprise me as most in here want to fly under the radar and going thru the paperwork of getting a Class III (full auto) ticket is definitely NOT low profile...

There's a lot of discussion about the "AK" this and "AR" that, but the guns they reference are all semi-auto variations of the true "AK47" (which has full auto capability.)

Allan -- that $200 tax stamp required for a full auto gun will buy lots of ammo
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