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Real insects being controlled via remote.

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They found a way to implant a chip into a beetle and can now control it via a remote...

Now what would happen if they infected it with some rare yet deadly plague and sent thousands into enemy territory? ...

Original source with 13 videos available for review.

Also, here are 11 other modifications that have already been done to animals.

Somehow, I just think this idea of modifying creation is not gonna end well.

- Phil
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Wouldn't it be a lot easier to drop the infected bugs out of a plane or even a car than use some complicated (and possibly unreliable) setup?
From what I have read they were developed by the military and are used to spy. If anyone cares to know just search for spy bugs. I don't use Google. From what I have read it's a spyware site also. And I'm so tired of looking up links for people who won't do their own research. Too many are in denial. I have my own problems.
I wasn't asking you to do any of my research. In fact I wasn't talking to you at all.
True. Except if you wanted to get the infected thing into a controlled area (such as a nuclear facility's ventilation or water systems) the natural bug would be the most unreliable. For all we know it could get eaten or stepped on before it wanders inside by chance.
A biological weapon would be a poor choice for a targeted attack against a specific facility as it takes time for the virus/bacteria etc. to affect the people. The incubation period would allow the infected to leave and new ones to come in before any seriously ill effects happened.

If there was a way for them to deliver chemical agents then I could see it, but I believe biological attacks would be against the general population.
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I wasn't talking to you either. It was general.
My mistake. I shouldn't have jumped so soon.
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