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In the weeks before Barack Obama's inauguration, pay close attention to the discussion about who Obama will appoint for some key positions.

In particular, gun owners should be watching the names discussed for attorney general, secretary of state and head of the ATF.

The attorney general will have a lot of power in our post-Heller world, especially with the number of Second Amendment-related cases working their way through the court system. The Secretary of State will be working closely with the members of the United Nations pushing for an Arms Trade Treaty. And of course, an anti-gun ATF director could make life miserable for gun owners, even those working inside the agency.

It's not a matter of figuring out if Obama's anti-gun or not. We already know he is. What we're looking for now are signs of how aggressive he will be in trying to enact his gun control policies, and these appointments may give us real clues.

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