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RC-3,4,or 5

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I've been looking online all day at the esee/rat cutlery knives, and I'm in love. But I'm having a difficult time deciding which knife I want to get. I know that I want the orange G-10 handles, and the kydex sheath with the MOLLE back.

I want a knife that I'm going to carry in my backpack everyday (I have the room to handle all 3 sizes), comfortable side belt carry, I live in Michigan and I understand the maintenance 1095 requires. Baton and feather 1"-2" wood. and food prep

But with out a local dealer of these knives I dont know how the in hand feel is.

whats your opinion?
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I read on knifeforums that if you can only have ONE knife go with the RC-5, incase you need to demolish an aircraft.....
Why would you need to demolish an aircraft? Commercial aircraft have a crash axe in the cockpit, and civilians cant carry a decent knife in the cabin anyway.
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