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i have all three (all esee knives except the 6). the orange g-10 handles only come with the 3 & 4. since you'll only be processing up to 2" wood the 3 will handle it. the 3 & 4 have the same handle shape except for the rounded pommel on the 4. both sheaths use the same molle back.

i prefer the 4 hands down because the thicker blade provides a better handle feel in my hand. the 4's kydex sheath is also superior to the 3's molded plastic. the 4's sheath has a retention screw i can tighten or loosen whereas the 3 doesn't. with just a few months of use the 3's sheath is starting to become too loose and i have no way to adjust it aside from heating it up and squeezing it tighter.

the 5 is an entirely different beast. after using it for awhile along with my bk-2 i've gotten tired of their weight/thickness without much advantage. i prefer carrying my junglas over the esee-5 & bk-2. it'll do everything those two can, aside from maybe prying a car door open.

the esee-4 & the junglas are my main hiking/survival knives. they pair up perfectly. there's an esee forum on
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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