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I have the 4 and 5. I like them both, alot. The 5 is a serious abuse smash and grab kinda tool. The 4, in my opinion, is a perfect field knife. It is the right size for almost all tasks in the field. I have used mine to feather wood, split wood, carve spoons, clean fish and butcher hogs. It preforms all these tasks easily. I carry them both in the field. Do I need too? No, but I want them for different purposes. If you were only going to have one I would say the 4. It is the perfect medium between the 3 and 5. Thick enough for big work, thin enough for light stuff.

The 4 is one of my edc's. I carry it horizontally on the front of my left hip for a right handed cross draw. I use a Tek Lock to hang it on my belt. For me this is an awsome carry config. Out of the way, whether standing or sitting, but always in reach.

The RAT knives are great, there are others just as good and better, but I like their philosiphy. They practice what they preach, these guys knew what they wanted a knife to do and set out to make one that could do it.

In the end I'd buy them all. Im going to get the 3 and 6. Buying one before you can hold it is a tough one. I dont order knives online, I gotta hold em. But you wont go wrong with the 4.
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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