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Ike was darn near a month ago. My power was only out for a week. Cable was on just FINE the second the power came back on. My internet however...
Off and on for three days. Then off for several days. Then on for 10 hours...then off completely for the past week and a half...
I have Time-Warner.
I have been calling and calling and calling get the picture.
The first 3 days I called, the calls were being answered by a call center in Austin, Texas. The people there were apologetic, polite and helpful as they tried to get my problem rectified.

Then they switched to a call center where English was NOT the first language of the people answering the phones. I don't even think it was their second. Perhaps their third...and they were not too familiar with the concept of *customer service*.

This past Saturday I had had enough!
I got on the phone at 8am.
If I could not understand them because of their very heavy accent, I told them so, told them I was hanging up and would call back until I could reach someone that was familiar with English.
I continued through 15 calls this way. I finally got one guy that understood English and told him to NOT interrupt me with lame apologies or BS excuses, but to listen to what I was about to say and send an email to his supervisor verbatim of what I was about to say. He finally shut the f*** up and did as I told him to do.
Basically, I told them the service I had received was unacceptable, I was calling Dish, Direct and AT&T and getting estimates and since I had multiple accounts for residence AND business, they needed to get their act together and FIX MY DAMN INTERNET!

Three Time-Warner vans pulled up about an hour later.
The guys had nothing but lame BS excuses as to why things were not working. One said "Maybe it is your server." I replied "Time-Warner is my server, you twit!" He said "Then maybe , if you know so much, you can fix it yourself." And they left.

Yesterday morning I went down to the local office.
I was ticked off in the extreme by this point.
All they had were payment windows.
I got to the first window and spoke to a 400 pound woman with about 20 pounds of fake hair *weave* who told me she "did'it know how to do cus'mer service".
I asked to see the manager.
I was informed he was in a meeting.
I said I would wait. ALL DAY IF NECESSARY.
Ten minutes later the manager came out and I told him our meeting would be best conducted in his office as I was VERY upset.
So, we went in his office and I pulled out the documentation of who I spoke to, when I spoke to them and what they said (I took notes when on the phone with the idiots).
I then invited him over to the house.
Okay, I told him if his hairy ass didn't personally come over that afternoon and straighten out my problem, I would begin barraging Ted Turner and the other higher up folks at Time-Warner with letters and phone calls AND I would post SEVERAL signs in my yard saying exactly what I thought of Time-Warners service AND I would allow Direct T.V. to put a nice big sign in my yard advertising their service.

I'm back online.:D:

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Warning THIS IS A FLASH ACTION ALERT: there is a rampaging militant redhead on the loose. all Time-Warner personel are to retreat to there secure fall back shelter untill such a time as the all clear and customer service has been rendered

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Man if they read your post on alpha males...
Oh dear...
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