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Full name--Romanian Cugir manufactured model PSL-54C semi-automatic 7.62x54R rifles
Romak 3 or III to its friends.

This rifle is a simplification of the Dragunov. The action is almost identical to
the famous AK-47 , but with the addition of a lug- locked action to handle
the wollop of the 7.62x54r round.

The purpose of this rifle is to allow a greater reach out in range for a small
unit due to its caliber and the fact it is equiped with a 'scope. (One may
look at the meaning of "psl" in its name. From Wikipedia--"The PSL (Romanian: Puşcă Semiautomată cu Lunetă, "semi-automatic rifle with scope") is a Romanian military designated marksman rifle. It is also called PSL-54C, Romak III, FPK, FPK Dragunov and SSG-97 (scharfschutzengewehr - 1997)."

Welp, introductions done lets get past the handshakes and niceties
and do something.

The 'scope mount is simple to use and it would take seconds to take the
'scope from its provided protective cover, slide it on the rails and flip the
lever to lock it in in place.

May even be accurate out of the box, but I would not know. I do not use
'scopes. They do not travel well and I am an impatient man and an excellent shot.

Many decades ago, probabaly due to serious mental issues with my Father,
I decided to shoot my pistols only one-handed and my rifles without rests
of any kind and without 'scopes. Anyhoo, I can and do shoot well just holding the durned thing without pads, gloves, rests, thermometers, slings ,cammo'ed hats, patches on my vest and other stuff. And I could always show up Dad
which is what really matters.

Took it outta the box, set up 8 clays at 200 yards and loaded the clip with
10 rounds of 147gr Romanian surplus blammo I got when it was $40 bucks a
spam can. I was told , but do not know for a fact, that this rifle will be
damaged by heavy ball blammo.

Controls are the same as an AK, finish is the same as the WASR (think thin
paint and scratches easily, with mediocre wood and dipped in varnish and drip- dried with neato runs and such. )

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

If you have never had the pleasure of shooting '54r, get a Mosin Nagant 91/30 for 70 whole bucks and experience for yourself the joy of full
30-06 or thereabouts blammo.

The 91/30 will bruise ya, Boys. I'm a recoil junkie and the '54r is
one heckuva recoil producer.

Not the Romanian Cugir manufactured model PSL-54C semi-automatic 7.62x54R rifle. Nope. The recoil spring made it as gentle as the spring rains.

OH MY GOSH! The bullet SLAMMMMED into the dry earth a bare 2 inches
below and CENTERED ! Right outtta the box. I pushed the sight up a bit (my eyesight did not allow me to read the markings on the sight-- but from the
full rearward position, I pushed the sight one detent up. )

200 yards. A quick placement of the sight (remember I just standing holding this thing lightly to shoulder and leaning my cheek enough to see the sight)
and POPPITTY, POP, POP, POP, ZIPPITY, ZIP , ZIP ZAP- the clays are gone
one by one as I reopen me eyes after pullin' the trigger. (I never could get
my eyes to stay open when I pull the trigger of a recoiling rifle) .

Somewhere in the recesses of your greedy gun shooting ego, you have
always wanted a semi-auto with the incredible ballistic performance of the
the '54r way below the multi thousand dollar price tag of the Dragunov.

Think less than $800 bucks shipped- with a 'scope (which I will sight
someday to 800 yards when I get around to it) and DEAD ON centered
and needing only elevation adjustment due to yer need to have an individualized cheek weld and you will have some idea of the UNMITIGATED
JOY of firing this thingie. I take 60 rounds with me each time I go the the range. I simply cannot stop myself from loading and unleashing clip after
clip of blammo every chance I get.

Hope yer rich. You will quickly burn thru every spam can you can lay
your hands on when you own one of these. And worse-- treat as a step- child your excellent MN 38, 44 and 91/30's.

I mean-- WOWSERS!!!!!!!!!:):cool::xeye::eek::)

Urban Mountain Man
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(Quck note for those who have never read my posts before---
Using a tongue- in -cheek off-beat style helps me cope with boredom. I tend to make up words and psychological scenarios just for their amusement value. I'm sure most people can seperate the facts from the "for fun" stuff.
And if they cannot, that kinda amuses me as well- having them wander around wondering what kinda wacko character is out there roaming the ranges with high power rifles. :eek::eek:::) )

Yes, you are 100% correct!!!:)

Urban Mountain Man
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Yep, I'm just a few miles from Aimsurplus and can buy over the counter there.

I was just passing thru, I guess alot of the Old Crowd is still here.
Durnit, I was happily off the internet, but could not resist typing
a few lines 'bout the the thingie.

Good to hear from ya!

I could not resist. It cost me a very, very hard stare usually reserved for
dogs stupid enough to get caught with its snout in food bag, but
gosh-- I own a MN 38, two 44's and a 91/30-- ya KNOW I would
risk worse to get a semi-auto chambered for the '54r .

My only regret is I could not stop myself from burning up spam can after
spam can of blammo. Geeze, 440 rounds will set you back double now.

The action on it makes that really cool AK clank and the recoil spring makes
shooting it a satisfying little bump like the AK, unlike the bruising I usually
get for messing with even 20 rounds of the powerful '54r's.

OMIGOSH, OMIGOSH , OMIGOSH if ever there were a shooter and a gun
who were made to be best friends, it is Ole Genty and the Romak 3. :):eek:::D:

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Happy to hear you got one. Buddy has one and its not the fine fit and finish item but its like a big boys AK. Then when you go back to your little AK its obvious there was one better. Only bummer is those ten rounders. Might look way cool with a homebrew four way mag coupler.....

Must resist the precious....... must resist...... and one to rule them all.....

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I am so mad/jealous. I want one so bad, but I cant get out of kommiefornia just yet . I am probably gonna get a SU-16 and just keep feeding my 91/30.

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good choice gent

heavy ball as a no no for the PSL,the rifle was designed for ball ammo 147-150grns continued use of heavy ball will beat it to death.however i have shot limited ammounts of win 180grn. ball and wolf 200grn. match, the 200grn was not matching at all and the 180grn winnie was the best i have ever shot out of mine it took me two shots to pop a bowling pin at 375yrds one day a few years back and the first shot was not the rifles the same time i stocked up on as much CZ silver tip as i could afford and after 7+ years i am still shooting it and the rifle is still working........

the barrel is well suited for cold weather...what i mean is... it cools down lightning fast when it's cold and the oppisite is true in the summer heat however i have not experienced any type of wondering zero during summer heat it always seems to be consistant within 3''@100.....but i do prefer to shoot it fall/winter.....

i dont like the issue scope becuase i prefer a lighted recticule for hunting and the romainian PSO has no tritium, the russian import equivilant comes with a commen battery so i prefer this type over the aforementioned and i like the 4x PSO not the heavy 8x''s a prefrance thing i suppose........

i ordered six extra original mags when i first got the rifle and after sevral shooting sessions realized i needed to take them apart and De-horn them after that they have performed flawlessly.......

all and all a good rifle,good choice if built right,rugged,dependable and sure.......i paid $650 for mine and i see they are moving up in price,close to a grand so $800 is still pretty good......anyhow hope you enjoy it:D:........

Urban Mountain Man
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Wit all the talk of banning assault weapons I could not resist placing this]
delightful bit of firepower back on the board fer your kind consideration.:)
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