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Raising hogs

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Hey -
Basic question - how much purchased feed (corn, sweet feed, hog chow, etc.) does it take to take to bring a feeder pig up to slaughter weight?

I'm assuming you buy your feeder pig in the early spring and slaughter around 12/1 or so, as soon as it's cold enough to kill and hang the meat.

I am having a hard time finding any numbers on this. I understand you might supplement with free sources of feed, but if I was only feeding bought feed, would I need 200, 300, 500, or more pounds of feed on average to fatten the hog?

Would it make financial/practical sense to slaughter him before winter, or does it do you any good to keep him and let him get bigger? Are you only putting on more lard when you do this?

Also, what's your favorite easy keeping homestead hog?

Thanks very much. I have a hunch that pig raising could be summed up in about 10 good sentences, but I'm having a hard time finding those sentences! :)
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Hogs are the probably the fastest growing meat. I don't have the numbers in front of me now, but I don't push any of my animals.

The biggest cost is the butcher. It isn't that hard just make sure you have a helper. I have done it alone and it isn't that hard, they are just big.

A good source of feed is a breadstuffs distributer. I used to get a truck load every week or every other week. Less in hot weather, store in the shade and it keeps much better. Keep the sweets to a minimum, like donuts, bread and the like are better for them. This can be had free. They just throw the extra in a dumpster and that costs them money. Check your yellow pages. In a post SHTF this or store bought feed will not be a choice, but this is good practice. I'm going to try a suggestion I heard a while back; that is make a three sisters garden for my pigs. I try to give mine as natural a diet as possible. This will solve the age old question of what to do with all the zuchinni.

The younger a pig is the more thrifty it uses feed. You can use them at any size, from suckling to 500#.

Give them enough space and they will keep themselves pretty clean and not so stinky.
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