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***** raiding the deer feeder

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***** are climbing the legs of the deer feeder to reach the spinner. The amount of corn my wife and I had in the feeder should have last around a month or so, but has only last a couple of weeks.

I thought about putting some 3 inch pvc pipe on the legs. Attach the pipe with some wire so it can turn when the **** tries to climb the pipe.

Some people put spike strips on the legs. I do not want to hurt the *****, I just do not want them raiding the deer feeder.

Any suggestions?
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What to do? I don't know because they(*****) hit our feeder from time to time, we move the feeder around and some areas they just don't show up. Frustrating yeah but we've got some cool picks of them, when the camera goes off they all look up and smile ;)
3 inches pvc will function as a ladder, since ***** will put its nails between each of them

try to cover the entire legs with separated 2 or 3 feet pvc sections, greased.

will be best if the pvc could be much larger than feeder feet AND concentric (ie same axis), so, it will spin much more easily than simple recovering the metal feet with loose pvc

when the **** embrace one, it will spin.

Another way is install a large metal funnel with big rounded greased edges

they will go up metal feet and jump to to grab the funnel edge.
but if there nothing where its nails can grab, the will fall.

if the funnel spins , better.
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I've been told that raccoons make good slow-cooked BBQ.
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As what others have said......

Grease the legs and the guards
We had to put a chicken wire "cage" around the bottom of the feeder where the spinner was. It helped with raccoons and doves too. We have tons of doves and they will do some serious damage to the feed supply. I don't think they meant to turn the spinner they are just fat and would spin it when they'd land.
Take a bunch of thumb tacks and push them through the sticky side of some duck tape. Then strategically place the strips of tape on the legs. As soon as they get stuck once they'll quickly lose interest in continuing on.
I get raccoons in everything up here.. some are as big a friggin' throw rugs. What works
for me is a pack of hot dog wieners and cayenne pepper. Slit the wienies and sprinkle a
little cayenne inside. Every raccoon in the local population will try their luck. They usually
get about halfway through a wienie before you see the lightbulb go on...
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What works for me a is a 22lr to the head.
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