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Howdy guys I began the 10 day waiting period today on 6 guns today and have a few questions (I know I should have asked the questions before but I needed them for Gunsmithing school ( I had to leave sadly). Feel free to only answer one or two.

A sears "long range winner" 12 gauge break action single shot. It has a 36 inch barrel and the LIGHTEST trigger pull I've ever seen. It can't be more than 3 pound. First I know that the 36 in barrel was a throw back from Black powder cartridges. Does it do anything now? If not what would you do, skeet gun, target gun, wall hanger, hunter, back pack gun? And the trigger, is amazing, Does it come this way? Also it has an external hammer you **** back, would it have anything to do with it?

The Mauser is Czech, 8MM. Its stock is beaten to hell. Refinish, or replace? also what are the limits of the cartridge. how far is it accurate to what can you hunt with it? Can you scope without drilling and tapping?

Springfield 120A single shot. It's action is squeaky The previous owner didn't know what oil was by the feel of it, its stock is dinged and scratched, and the barrel is rusty and pitted. I got it for 60 bucks (and they go in good condition for 100) so I don't see refinishing it as a bad thing. Refinishing the stock should be easy but I don't know what to do with the barrel.

A Stevens 311A 12 gauge. The opening lever is really sticky, what can I do? also their is a crack in the handle with a big recoil shell will that be a problem?

I also got a Remington 241 Speedmaster, Its tube fed and I've heard it can take shorts and LR is this true and can it take longs? and I glanced at it but couldn't figure out how to take it down. any help on that? and the gun has a chunk on the butt taken out anything to do about that?

The last gun is a Remington 700 in 7mm Magnum. how do I scope it and what can I hunt with it.


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