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I have a nice big Katadyn, but it would be woefully inadaquate in a long event. Those candles are expensive, all of those devices have expensive replacements, and we couldn't get them in a disaster, anyway.

I have a big old ugly DIY system, made with 'Just Water' 4x4 filters, coffee filters, a sieve from the kitchen, and food-safe 5 gallon buckets. Anybody can do this EASILY if they follow a few simple rules of the layering.

I'm using aquarium charcoal. I'd like to get a bucket from a suppler that sells for water filtration.

What is the optimum "chunk" size to buy (GAC size).

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My current supplier:

They seem to understand what the heck they are doing, don't BS about the fuzzy nature about efficacy in AC, have a big selection, and are competitive in price.

My biggest question is how you plan to hold or house the AC. Do you have a housing for this? A housing lets you connect it to components upstream. The optimal goal should be to dump raw water at a starting point and just stand back until it fills a storage part, without needing hand intervention. This way you can go do other things instead of shuffling incomplete water in stages around by hand. Life could get busy after a disaster and standing around nursing the process just takes away from other things you could be doing.

The Just Water bucket system is supposed to be a complete process for the carbon lifespan of the domes/candles.

Are you wanting more surety than the JW provides?

While I'm rambling here, I would say a blend of 12x30 and 20x50 would be a good way to get the adsorption bonus of large AC but reduce the amount of first pass vulnerability. Maybe even add some bone char to cover metals, arsenic, and the various oxidizers.
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