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Question on water during SHTF

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Past threads have emphasized the need for country folks to have generators to run their wells....but I have heard no mention about those living in the cities getting their water from huge wells run by the city. If SHTF, and all electricity is lost, including backup generators, people living in the city are as much up a creek as us living in the country for that matter. The size of generators it would take to run those giant wells in the city would need to be enormous. I don't see how they could keep that up very long.
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I work for the Water Department. (largest one in my state) There's only 8 hours worth of water in our towers. Even with what generators we have there's only 1 days supply in reserve. After that power need to be back on or it all goes dry real fast.

That's how dependent we are on electricity.
Each city is different, but few can make it for very long without power. Without that power and water the cities become a madhouse quick.
That 8 hrs. of water would probably be gone in minutes when people get scared.
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