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good to see all this great info in one place but i have a question that has been bugging me for a while.

I am from VIC,AUS and i have been trying to decide on my next gun
I already have:
Gamo viper air rifle
Winchester lever action .22
Single barrel 12 gauge

I am now looking at picking up a deer/tactical rifle and i want the caliber to be common in vic for obvious reasons if TSHTF. From what i have looked around i was thinking a .308 but any advice is appreciated.


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A 308 will have plenty of knock down power for what you want including feral pigs, and has more stability for light Australian bush.
Any thing like a 223 or 222 is more suseptable to wind drift than a 308 over a given distance as these are a much lighter projectile, but may do the job at a closer range.
From experience, the 223 projectile is easily deflected in light Australian bush by twigs and leaves.
Cost of ammo will be a consideration too.
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