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Question about storing dry food

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I have a couple of questions to you guys/gals who have tried different methods of storing dry goods.

I know the best method from reading posts is 5 gallon sealed buckets with oxygen absorbers.

What about storing rice and oatmeal in 4 mil food saver bags? It sucks the air out. Critters can't live in them since no air. Moisture can not get in. I packaged the oatmeal 4 serving to a bag and then put them into buckets or storage containers.

I just food saved 10 lbs of oatmeal. It had a normal shelf life of 2-3 years on the box so in the bags I figure it can double.

I want to 50 lbs of rice next.

Is this a good way? Will the bags hold up?

What do ya'll think?

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I dunno, I just got a food saver and kinda want to use it with mylar bags, anyone done this?
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