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Question about antibiotics

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I am in the process of trying to add to my medicine supplies and looking to replenish meds for my pets too.. I have 2 dogs and 2 elderly cats. I know how I can get amoxicillin and other antibiotic tablets but is there anywhere I can get amoxicillin liquid. Not long ago, one of my cats became ill and vet gave me a bottle of Biomox, which was basically the same pink amoxicillin liquid I have given my kids many many times. (given in a MUCH lesser dose to the cat of course). I have searched and can only find tablets, which I cannot give her, she spits them out and gags on them if I push them down her throat. Given her age I don't want to keep shovin them on her, she did well with the liquid... any suggestions?

and meant to say, I'm trying to find it without having to take her in for another stressful exam and vet fee for me..
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What you are looking for is called Amoxi Drops and the shopping results from a google search will give you many vendors. This product is designed for pet use.

EDIT: after checking, some of these are vet only stores, but some aren't. Keep looking :)
Thanks, I did come across that but the ones I saw required a prescription?
If you tell me the mg/ml of the liquid your dog had and the mg of the tablets you have, I can tell you how to mix your own. I'll also need to know how many total ml or ounces was in the bottle of liquid to start with.
ok lets see.. the vet gave me 50 mg/ml. there's no ounces just says "15 ml when mixed"

I have both 250 mg and 500 mg tablets
Crush one 250mg and one 500mg tab into a fine powder. Mix 1 teaspoon of vanilla yogurt and 2 teaspoons of water together. Combine everything together and mix well. That will yield you a 15ml solution of 50mg/ml (exactly the same as you got from the vet). Administer as prescribed on the original bottle of vet medicine.
Wow that's just awesome.. thanks so much. :thumb: Any idea of how long it will keep once mixed?
yea but don't dump 750mg worth of ground up amoxicillin in wet food all at once.

Also, its very important to finish the entire bottle (even if the pet seems to be feeling better). If you fail to complete the regiment, the pet may wind up with a bug resistant to the amoxicillin (meaning the antibiotic won't work on the bug anymore).
I've tried grinding up a bit and put it in her food before, she can ALWAYS tell and turns her nose up at it. She has actually sat down and looked at me like "you expect me to eat THAT?" She did well with the liquid so I will stay that route.
And yes, I do worry about both pets and humans developing a resistance. Looking into getting other antibiotics other than amoxicillin and swap them out when needed.
once mixed its good for 30-60 days in a refrigerator. Antibiotic suspensions don't usually last very long. Most come in powder form and are mixed by the vet or pharmacist right before they dispense it to you.
Yep, saw the vet put the water in and mix it up right before he gave it to me.

Again, many thanks
He's 15, he deserves a little spoiling :thumb:
My two old ladies are 17 and almost 16 so yeah, they definitely deserve a little spoiling :)
Now for your bill........... 2 pounds of Community Coffee- New Orleans blend, and one container of Bon Caca seasoning!, maybe even a jar of some powdered Kary's Roux!!!
heck I'll also throw in some homemade pecan pralines and beignets :D:
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