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There is this biological disease called Psittacosis, or parrot disease or parrot fever. It is a zoonotic infectious disease caused by a bacterium called Chlamydophila psittaci and contracted not only from parrots, but also from pigeons, sparrows, ducks, hens, gulls and many other species of bird.

"Recognition of the disease in birds can be difficult without pathology testing. A bird sick with Psittacosis can show one or several of the following symptoms; eye discharge or swelling, laboured breathing, diarrhoea, poor appetite, lethargy, "fluffed up" appearance, or weakness. Most of these are shared by many other diseases, and identification of the problem is often mainly by a process of elimination."

"Diagnosis of psittacosis can be difficult. Antibiotic treatment may prevent an antibody response, thus limiting diagnosis by serologic methods. Infected birds are often asymptomatic. Tracebacks of infected birds to distributors and breeders often is not possible because of limited regulation of the pet bird industry."

Now you may be asking yourself why did I put this in the biological/chemical/nuclear section of the forum. Well this disease has the potential to be used as a biological weapon. Not directly against the human population, but against the bird population.

Here is a potential scenario for how somebody could use the Psittacosis disease to damage the United States, and trigger a TEOTWAWKI situation.
-Individual A, obtains passage to the United States.
-Individual A, moves into the Midwest area of the United States.
-Individual A, opens up his own petstore and stocks it with a variety of birds. This is used as a cover for him to conduct "bird research".
-Individual A, begins to "catch and release" birds that are part of the local bird population. Before he/she releases these birds, he/she injects them with the Psittacosis virus.
-The birds he/she releases, begin to spread to other birds in the local area.
-Due to the lack of birds, the rest of the ecosystem starts to go haywire.

So now imagine that the "Raptors" are die off due to the disease. Well now one of the snakes' predators is gone and there the population is allowed to increase. Therefore, the Badger now has an abundance of food and its population increases. The snake now dies off, due to the overpopulation of the Badger. The Badger is now overpopulated and, in a vain attempt, starts to over-consume the squirrels and lizards. The squirrels and lizards die off. Then the Badger, lacking food, dies off. Due to the lack of lizards, the ant population is allowed to boom. Due to the higher amount of ants, the bat population increases. The bat population over-consumes the ants, and therefore, the ants die off; then the bats. Due to the lack of squirrels and ants, the grass population increases. Then the bighorn population follows suit, then the Coyote and Mountain Lion.

So basically, 2/3s of the above 'food web' could be eliminated by the introduction of a deadly disease(Psittacosis in this case). The remainder of the food web would be highly sensitive and would eventually fall upon itself due to the lack of species/genetic diversity within the overall ecosystem.

Now you could ask, how would this affect humans? Well, we humans are just as apart of that food web as any other animal. Remember the saying "No man is an island," well that applies here as well. Humans' agriculture and the marine life(Fishing industry) would take a toll, and, in turn, would affect the human population.

You might be thinking, "one guy could never do this much carnage to the environment." And in the specific case of Psittacosis, I concur. HOWEVER, what if Individual A was multiplied by 100. The effects could be catastrophic to our ecosystem.


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i think there are many more effective ways of killing "infidels" than getting to us through our wild bird population...

im not trying to be derogatory or anything, i just think this means of attack would be a so much of a long shot that its almost not worth worrying about...

all personal opinion of course.
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