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lol, you can probably take the title a number of ways, but I am primarily speaking of wearing proper attire when in the garden. But I will address packing heat in the garden as well. See below :D:

In the last couple of weeks, I have had two "accidents" in my garden. A couple of weeks ago when I was getting my hands dirty in the soil, I got stabbed by an old nail. My garden must have been a construction site or a house site at one time because I am constantly finding old nails, little insulators, etc. The nail got me pretty good in the thumb and the bleeding was considerable. I cleaned it up nicely with peroxide and retired from the garden for the rest of the day.

Yesterday was maybe the hottest day of the year as the temp crept up into the low 90's. I wanted to do a little weeding in my raised beds. I didn't bother to change my clothes and I went out in my shorts and flip flops. Besides getting my feet a little bit dirty, all was well until I was leaving the garden. Clumsy me hit my little toe on something hard as I was walking a little too fast. Ouch! My toe is looking a little black right now. It didn't bleed at all but it hurt like hell.

The moral to these stories is: If I had worn gloves and proper footwear, I would not be whining about my owies right now. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It's true!

Now about packing heat in the garden. Years back when I was harvesting beans up on Rattlesnake Ranch (yep, no lie), I lifted a bean plant up and found a rattler underneath it, seeking refuse from the hot sun. I went and got the kids and a shovel and I planned to decapitate that slithering beast (cruel, I know) and put on a little show for the young uns. I scared the snake away to the next row and after I was stepping back and forth over the beans trying to gain the best position, a couple of baby rattlers shot out from under the bean plants. Right where I was stepping! I immediately ordered the kids out of the garden and I went and got my neighbor. He brought a gun and killed a couple of them. One got away, lucky thing.

Now, I'm not saying you should carry a gun when you're gardening, but I can see why some might want to. I've been around rattlers quite a bit. When the kids were young, I was inclined to kill them. Most times my husband performed the honors. These days I'm not around rattlers too much, but if I was, I'd just give them a wide berth and let them hightail it out of my vicinity. :eek::

We've cooked them on the grill. Not much meat on them but as they say, "it tastes a little like chicken." :zombie

And to anyone who thought the title was referring to sex in the garden, you are just plain wrong. :whip:
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