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Propper's A-Tac camo

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Just wanting view's of this camo pattern.
Here is a link to view---> http://www.ghostarmytacticalstore.c...ilitybdujacket-1-1-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-2.aspx

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I typically try and use a camo pattern relivant to my AO. As we all know though, that area depending on where you live seasonally. I my case it changes seasonally and changes depending on where I'm working each and every day. I origanally thought that Multi-cam was going to be my choice for an all around camo but have since changed. A-Tacs is now my GoTo camo pattern in my EDC since it has worked in almost every area I've been in since I got a pair. I say if it works in your AO, go for it. You wont be disappaointed.
If it just somewhat works in your AO and not in others then don't waste your money. As for the Quality, Very Very Good.:thumb:

hope this helps

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Well, in GA we have a mix of all..woodland, Urban, GA red clay, tan's ect....I may get a set just to have on hand. I figure owning woodland's, ACU, just ordered Multi..might as well have a set of A-tacs on hand as well....god my wife is going to kill me :) lol
But, having all set's on hand I can rest knowing all is covered...that's my excuse

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I've found that multicam is closer to a all season camo here in arkansas,and I assume GA would be the same.Just not enough green in the ATACS.Rumor has it they are working on a few other patterns that might get closer.Here woodland marpat in the spring/summer and multicam in the winter (suprising amount of green here in the winter).I think ATACS would do about as well in the winter here.
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