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Propagating blueberry bush from cuttings - questions.

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Ok guys and girls,

I have watched the blueberry propagating videos here
(there is a sequence), I have the things ready and waiting.

Due to the fact that my garden is tiny, overcast, crowded and the plants are starting to get yellow leaves because they are being shaded out by the surrounding trees, I had decided that it was a pointless exercise, but now I want to try to give it a go.

Today is 1st August in South East England, it is hot, lots of sun. Am I too late to attempt this? I believe I heard somewhere in one of the videos a suggestion for July to try to root cuttings taken from the blueberry bushes, but I have also heard other month quoted elsewhere.

If no-one is sure I may just try it anyway and report back my results for future reference.
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So long as you keep any brand new cuttings in the shade and use a rooting hormone I'd imagine you'd be ok, but you're playing catch up if it's a bit late. I suppose you'd run the risk of freezing and major die off if you have frost in your area. Perhaps, if you don't have a green house, you'd be willing to start them in pots and bring them into the house over the winter? If so, why not try giving it a go? If nothing else it's a learning opportunity.
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