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Project Gunrunner Hitting the Mainstream Media

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Finally. Don't always agree with foxnews, but props for helping bring this to the spotlight with CBS. The ATF and DOJ has done everything to sweep this under the rug and deny all allegations. As you all know ATF let guns walk and then used the same guns ending up in Mexico as an excuse to back more gun control laws. And in the process, federal agents were killed...hopefully we'll start to get some answers.
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My question to both FOX and CBS is why are they just now reporting this when its been all over the net for months now?

It was the same way with the Zetas when they vowed to send death squads across the border if AZ Sheriffs and Border Patrol didnt do something to curb the "crazy militia groups" who patrol the border areas. That story was moths old, just like this one, when FOX finally broke it out as 'Breaking News'.
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