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Project Gunrunner Hitting the Mainstream Media

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Finally. Don't always agree with foxnews, but props for helping bring this to the spotlight with CBS. The ATF and DOJ has done everything to sweep this under the rug and deny all allegations. As you all know ATF let guns walk and then used the same guns ending up in Mexico as an excuse to back more gun control laws. And in the process, federal agents were killed...hopefully we'll start to get some answers.
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Its starting to look a lot like Nixon,
blend in some LBJ, a little Hoover,

Do the Republicans have a Sen. Church?
Some one to do to BATF, DOJ, et al like he did our intelligence services?
Darrell Issa?
'Project Gunwalker' now definitively traced to near top of Justice Department
Looks like more "whistleblowers" are coming out. The USS BATFE has taken a torpedo below the waterline, they are scrambling fer tha lifeboats.
“Since our investigation began, I’ve continued to be contacted by agents and others within the ATF about wrongdoing regarding Fast and Furious at the ATF and the Justice Department. If people have concerns they should be able to express themselves without feeling pressure from their bosses,” Grassley said.
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