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Is there a way to make your own pro biotic yoghurt?

I eat a lot of it and its ideal to replenish the stomach bacteria after taking antibiotics and stomach upsets. I know pineapple does something similar but as Im in the UK I might not be able to grow those.

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I don't know about a natural/grown item but there is a OTC called "Florastor" that you can prep. It comes in pill form or in powder that you may be able to use when making yoghurt.. That is what the commercial yoghurt companies do to their yoghurts to make them more pro-biotic. I will look more into this...

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Sure Purdy. Just make your own yogurt at home - you have to do it with live cultures. You can start with some live yogurt that you buy, but I have heard that by the 4th or 5th generation it doesn't work anymore. I haven't ever gone so long without using another starter.

You can also buy starter powder, that is freeze-dried and sealed in foil packets, which keep for a long time. You mix those up and use them for yogurt making, and then save some from one batch to make another (just like when you use a commercial yogurt) . I know you can buy these starters off Ebay and maybe Ascott Smallholding.

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Buy a container of plain yogurt (read the label to make certain that it contains live cultures). And use one of the many methods listed on the web to make your yogurt. All you really need is a good vacuum bottle, a double boiler, a stove and a source of clean water. And of course milk.

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Its really easy to make, I make all of my own.
I use Yogourmet starter. You can get it from Amazon.
Just follow the directions on the packet.
I like to add a packet of unflavored gelatin and a packet of instant dry milk.
I think it adds to the texture.
I use a Yogourmet yogurt maker, but I've made it by pouring the mix into jars,
wrapping the jars in hot towels and putting them in an insulated ice chest.
You can use a tablespoon of the finished yogurt to start the next batch,
however, if subsequent batches have a funny color or flavor you would need to start fresh.
I always use packets of starter because its easy and I don't worry about anything strange growing.
If you use ultra-pasteurized milk you only have to heat it to 110-112 degrees.
I find that it saves a lot of time.
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