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Primary Arms MD-06L w/American Defense AD-T1

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I currently own Aimpoint CompML3, Burris Fast Fire, multiple Trijicon reflex, ACOG, RMR. I've shot with many different firearms that have had Aimpoint T1 or H1 optics on them.

I've never really had a need for a T1 'type' optic. But I wanted a small lite QD red dot optic for a AR testing and I didn't feel like shelling out T1 $ for something for 100 yd and under testing.

I've always heard good things about Primary Arms microdots (Aimpoint T1 clone). I've had great service with other Primary Arms purchases. So I decided I'd give them a try with the new MD-06L microdot w/AD-T1 (1/3 co witness w/ PA microdot)

SPEC ($169 delivered for total package)

Angled and Coated front lens to prevent glare
LED emitter at 7:30 position to allow cowitness
Brightness adjustment on the left. Ideal for bench and prone use.
Ultra sharp 3 MOA dot
1,000+ hour battery life at medium setting
Uses 1 CR2032 battery (included)
11 brightness settings
Visible in bright sunlight
Fog resistant
Bikini covers included
Only weighs 4.5 ounces
Front threaded for optional Killflash

Well, this is built MUCH better than I expected. I felt I was going to get a step above Leapers or airsoft type optic. This looks, feels like every Aimpoint T1/H1 I've handled. It is a very solid unit and I'd have no fear of this optic taking abuse and or using wet. (I don't believe I'd go diving with it...;)) The 3 MOA dot is clear and the 11 brightness settings allow a wide range of backlighting adjustments. The on/off/brightness adjustments knob is very positive and tight. You aren't going to accidentally turn it on. The vertical and windage adjustment caps are gasket sealed (I'd add some light grease for better water protection). They are metal and have a good tight feel to them. The unit come standard (removable) with allen head tightening system and low rail mount. The standard base would be great for a AK or shotgun, 30/30 mounting or offset AR mount for 3 gun. The AD mount (added on to $89 optics cost) is easy to adjust and tight mount for T1 absolute co-witness, but with the Primary Arms microdot it gives you 1/3 co-witness.

1000 hrs battery life. Not really and issue and battery is cheap ($2.39 for two so buying 20 packs for $46.00 gives you Aimpoint T1 battery life), but it's not the 50K hours battery life of the Aimpoint T1.
3 MOA dot. Some people want/need 2 MOA or nothing.
Chinese made (your call on this one)
Not NV compatible (ok....if you really need NV you're an operator and you'd be using the T1)

Cost, this unit is very cost effective
Durability for the cost
Solid build quality
Customer Service (these guys are great and stand behind their products)
Can add kill flash for $19
Very tight bikini lens cover
Left hand side brightness adjustment so you don't have to take your hand off the trigger to adjust brightness when prone or seated.

I'd have no problem recommending this for the budget conscious AR shooter that wants a micro red dot and is on a budget. Or the guy would has a safe queen and wants a reliable optic for the occasional use and or SHTF situation. It would also be great for the budget minded competitive shooter. Other than it's not Aimpoint T1 (there is a definite difference), I can't say that the average shooter will need the additional benefits of the T1 for the almost $550 additional cost. Other than 2 MOA v 3 MOA and battery life the rest of the differences are really military use in nature.

Well worth the money IMHO (you could get 3 of these for the price of a T1). That being said it's not a T1...close but NOT. So determine if you need the additional military features of the T1 for the additional cost.

@ setting 9 for brightness
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Primary Arms Microdots are an amazing value. I have two: one on my AK74 and one waiting to go on my S&W M&P 15-22. Unfortunately, I wasn't as smart as you in regard to the mount. The American Defense is a great mount, but I figured for a .22, I'd just get PA's cheap non-qd riser mount. Well, the first time I torqued it onto my rifle, the stud broke. So, I'm waiting to hear back from PA to see if they will replace the mount. Otherwise, I will end up getting a DD or AD to replace it.
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I should add to this thread that PA's customer service is outstanding! The previous post by me discussing the non-QD mount breaking was resolved by PA quickly sending me a brand new mount, as well as a sticker and a couple PA mouse pads! They never questioned my request for a new mount, and never even asked for me to return the defective mount. THAT FOLKS, IS CUSTOMER SERVICE! :thumb:
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Looks nice, but I still think I will go with an Aimpoint, either the T1 or comp M2 or something similar. I have enough experience with the comp m2 from them being mounted on our M4s, that I feel comfortable enough plopping down the money.
Yeah, I understand. I have a Comp M2 and a T1 on it's way from LaRue. But, for those on a budget, or in my case, on a .22, they are great sights. The one on my AK74 has seen some abuse and quite a bit of heat off the gas tube and is still 100% functional, so I have no doubt a PA Micro would serve pretty well on an AR as well.

Would I choose to equip myself for combat with one? No. But, not everyone has the dough for a T1, or even a PRO, and for many the Micro serves their needs on a range rifle, and thats all they need. The Micro makes a great, cheap trainer for someone with a T1. Heck, I make pretty decent money, and I still had to save for a while and fight the wife to order the T1 w/LT660! :thumb:
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So, if it was you, what would you go for as far as optics on a modded AMD-65? It's down to the T1, PRO, or Comp m2/3/4, whichever I can find cheapest. I love the size and lightweight of the T1, but good god that's a lot of $$$! The PRO seems like a decent deal, but I'm not sure it has the battle tested status that the comp series, and the T1 have, and I don't want to buy crap.
I wouldn't hessitate to buy a PRO. They have a great rep. Which one I chose would depend on if it was going to be forward mounted or over the receiver, and how much weight I was willing to tolerate. On a forward mount, the T1 is tough to beat, because you'll only add a few ounces forward of the receiver. A PRO or Comp would be best placed over the receiver, in my humble opinion, where the weight will be less noticeable. :thumb:
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Before you buy the T1, make sure you need the features it offers over the H1.

If you're not going to swim it, or use it with NV, the H1 is a better choice.
Excellent point that I forgot to mention! The H1 will save a guy around $80-$100, and it's virtually identical to the T1 except, as you mentioned, it's not as water resistant and not NV capable. The only reason I chose the T1 over the H1 is one of these days, I'm going to buy some NVGs, and when I do, I want my optic compatible. :thumb:
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