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pressure cooking experts?

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I've studied over my book that came with my new cooker but I still have a lingering question. My cooker says 10 lb psi which I understand to be pressure square inch. So does this mean I can't cook or can foods in it that calls for say 30, 40, or more psi? Did I buy the wrong one? If not, how would I adjust it or whatever I do?

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Not an expert but most recipes I have seen call for 10psi and the TIME varies. I haven't seen recipes calling for 20/30/40. Good luck.

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Depending on your altitude, the pounds per square inch needed for canning. 15 psi is the highest I've ever seen recommended but I'm in the 10 pound range so I never pay a ton of attention to the higher elevation requirements.

For pressure cooking, 10 psi is just fine.
Okay! Thanks! Hubby went and grabbed the book again and realized he had been reading in the time column! Now it is all clear!
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