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Prescription Meds

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How are you planning on increasing your prescription meds that you have on hand and take daily? I have about an extra week of each, and about 6 months of vitamins that I take on hand.

I did a search and didn't find a thread on this, but please forgive me if I missed it, I have a horrific migraine today.
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My insurance has a mail order plan that I can get three months for the price of two and get them all at the same time. So the amount on hand will range from three months to one month. They refill at a month to make sure I don't run out so I never have less than a month. I have just switched over this and am going to go back to my old pharmacy and pay cash for refills of my med and then just rotate them.
I also built up a relationship with my Dr till she trusted me and then explained to her that I was a prepper and that I wanted to get some non off the shelf stuff for my supplies. We discussed what I wanted like a broad spectrum antibiotic for a upper respiratory infection and she wrote me a prescription since she though it was logical and wasn't something that would be the kind of thing that would be sold. She wrote it for cheaper choices so I could pay cash and not send it through my insurance company.

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Just do what the masses intend to do " Go knock off a pharmacy when it happens":thumb:

The only fast way is what MikeK posted.

Your insurance if you have it will only allow so much per month but you can buy without insurance and sometimes it is cheaper. But if you are trying to stock up a scheduled script(pain killers,anti deppressants,anti anxiety etc) you have to do it according to the rules or you can get in trouble.

Otherwise you can gradually stock up by getting the doctor to up your script and take less and save the difference. For some that may be hard to do as they dont have any discipline.

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Amazon sells 'fish' antibiotics. Same as the people stuff - just like the animal antiobiotics that you get from the vet - those prescriptions are filled at your pharmacist.

The stuff on Amazon is relatively inexpensive and will allow you to have the needed meds on hand. Here is the link for tetracycline 500mg. There's amoxicillin, azithromax (Z-pack), and more available. Check it out if you're interested in stocking up.
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