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preps actually helped

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I set out from work for home yesterday and as I was driving down the street I could smell rubber burning. Then I saw the van in front of me starting to smoke, and the smoke started getting heavier and heavier untill it is billowing out the right front of the van. The driver is still apparently oblivious to the problem.

Then I see the flames. I pulled the guy over and this little old guy who must have been 90 gets out. his right front bumper is crumpled and rubbing into the tire, creating the friction and setting it on fire.

I called the fire department, then grabbed some bottles of water out of the back of the car and doused the burning area.

I always keep a case of water in the back for personal survival purposes (you just never know when you are going to need water to drink) and now I have used it to put out a guys car.

I did not attempt to open the hood. Leave that to the fire department.
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You know, we had an incident here just recently where a woman burned to death in her van in a parking lot. She was driving down the highway and didn't notice anything was wrong I guess.

I was trying to figure out how you could NOT know your vehicle was on fire, but maybe it isn't as easy as it sounds to me.

Good for you for helping the fella out!!
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I always keep a fire extinguisher in my truck.
when i was a kid,i worked at a gas station.10 am on a saturday morning,i watched an old man drive into the station at 10mph or so and run right into a pump.he then got out and asked me to fill it up.
his car was all smashed up and so was the pump.he was oblivious.i pointed this stuff out to him,he asked me if i could fix the damage to his car for 5 bucks.i said hang on a second,went in the office,called the cops,then the station owner.the cops took him away and the car was towed.

bright sunny day and he had no clue he hit the pump.
Great job! I always like to hear about citizens "actually" lending a hand.
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