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As I watch all the bad news regarding the oil spill along the Gulf coast and flooding in Tennessee I wonder about all those folks in those areas that DON'T prep. I spent 27 years in the Coast Guard and have witnessed this type of evolution more times than I can count. Never have I found it clearer that prepping is critical to individual and family health and longevity. Chances are the fishing industry will have some serious set backs which could last for years and regarding oyster beds maybe 100 years or more. Tennessee industry and business shut down for how long? Homes destroyed? Jobs and personal property lost? Mortgages due?

If only those thousands and thousands of folks in need had a years worth of food and necessaries in reserve. How many will be on their knees before messiah Obama and his minions begging for a hand out. Humility is a hard row to hoe, one I do not pray for and don't wish it upon another.

I pray for all those brought to harm and for their losses and that they come through this adversity stronger and endeavor to be better prepared for the next disaster and tornado season is just starting up and surly there will be a next and a next and a next.
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