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I'm not sure where to put this since I'm new to the forum. If it needs to be moved, feel free to do so. After a mention of lowing the cost of raising kids in chat I figured some other members may need info on it too. Here's some info I've collected on pregnancy and childbirth that may be helpful for some who are likely to be having kids ATSHTF. Also some links and info on breastfeeding and cloth diapers.

Here is a list of links on various topics to do with pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

This book is the best resource for pregnancy and childbirth information I've found.
"A Book for Midwives"

Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms:

Signs of Labor:


Homebirth Supplies:

Basic Breastfeeding the first few weeks
Common Concerns of the Early Weeks
Nursing a Preemie
Nursing the older baby
Nursing after the 1st year
Tandem Nursing
Common Concerns and issues
Herbs and Breastfeeding
Milk Supply Issues
Is this safe while breastfeeding?
Relactation/Foster or Adoptive Breastfeeding
Pumping and Bottlefeeding

If you have something to add please do. Most of the links for breastfeeding all come from . This is a very good breastfeeding site. One of the best I've ever used. If there's something here someone needs elaborated or more information on let me know and I'll go back through my info for something else for you.

Herbs during Pregnancy:
(below site has a long list of other links - tons of great info)
Useful herbs during Pregnancy
Herbs to avoid
Herbs for birth and labor

Herbs to avoid while nursing

Herbs and Medications during Nursing

Medications during Pregnancy
(below list is 2 page and includes info on some prescriptions)
For cloth diapering, tells how to make your own cloth diapers:

The links above tell all about making cloth diapers. This website below has free printable patterns for cloth diapers. Easy to make, its the one I used:
I made mine using flannel. Here are some sites that sell the materials:

This site is really good too.
It has the inserts and covers the cheapest I've found. Also might want to check out . Its an online forum where the users sell cloth diapers and such. I've ordered from there and its been great.

If anyone is looking for more detailed information or needs help going through this info, I have a lot more information and can help you find what you're looking for. Luckily my baby making days are over but I hope this helps some of you.

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Wow thats a lot of info. I have two kids, my son who is 11 and my daughter who is 6 month old. Both are breast fed babies and are extremely healthy. The only times my son has been sick has been with hay fever and chicken pox and even with that he was only sick for a day.

Been worried about what been happening in the world lately because of my daughter. Although she hasn't been sick and is always smiles I worry because she was born with a birth defect. She was sitting in the womb the entire pregancy with her legs crossed indian style which we think caused her to have a club foot. She has been getting treatments to correct this from a doctor in the city. She has had to wear several casts and braces on her tiny feet and reciently had her first surgery. The surgery she had was to cut the tendon in the back of her foot so that her heel would drop to where it should be so that her foot would fit into her braces. Being as good natured as she is she barely complained over the next two days that it took for her fever to subside from her surgery. It's been only a few days and she is putting around in her cast laughing and playing again. She will have to wear braces on her feet for at least 2 more years according to her doctors so I hope things hold together until then.

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Oh Samain I'm sorry to hear that. I hope all goes well for your daughter. Yes breastfeeding is wonderful. I was so glad I could breastfeed. My son just stopped nursing not long ago. Hope your daughter gets the treatments she needs and all works out.

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Brilliant post!

I have to add in my fav. book on the subject "Spiritual Midwifery" because if you're in a situation where you don;t have internet, you'll need the home-birth guide at the back of this book for sure. It's available on amazon, I think, and probably ebay as well.

If the beginnings put you off, skip them. They're not as essential (The beginning of the book is all about a hippie commune that lives in Tennessee and does a lot of homebirth.)

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Talk about contribution! WOW!

This deserves to be a sticky! I think you covered all the bases here!

My wife had my son naturally. She practiced meditative hypnosis. It worked. No drugs, nothing unnatural.

In the SHTF time period, we are obviously still going to have sex, ergo possibly make babies. I don't think we are to worried about it.
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