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Are you all collecting games?

We got all the basics
Connect Four
Trivial Pursuit
Poker stuff
Twenty Questions
Dominos X4
15 decks of cards
Cranium (added when remembered)
52 pickup sticks

horse shoes
sticky paddle ball
ping pong
frisbie X12
hacky sacks X15

bocce ball

Chutes and Ladders
ants in your pants

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Cranium is an awesome family game! It has a little bit of something for everyone. You have task similar to those in Pictionary, Charades, and Trivial pursuit. And others where you have to sculpt out of clay, a certain item, that others have to guess. Or hop up and run around the house collecting things that are red. There is a childs version called Cadoo, but its just as fun for adults, as Cranium. The whole cranium line of games seem to be well thought out, and a blast to play.

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Thanks for the site KnowingYouKnow,

You can also find much of this on sale at target, walmart and alike.......
I think they are an import addition to SHFT preps......

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I understand what you are say......and....consider this,

You will not have what you have available at night, and especially when weather is bad and you can not do your chores. Games provide a distraction and some laughter to contribute to your sanity....... families who play together stay together.

We have seven children five grand children and another 12 foster kids and "might as well have been ours" kids........... for us it is necessary, and should be considered seriously.

Preps are not just bullets and beans......WE MUST plan for Life and Laughter and Love.......after the SHTF.

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That is a wonderful idea, Castlemom! We were just playing games last night- nothing makes the kids happier. I think where you are in your life probably has a lot to do with whether or not it would be a priority for you. Having a house full of little ones, games would definitely come in handy.

Oh - and some games can be made cheaply. I made a memory match game last night for my preschoolers using blank business cards and my printer while the big boys played Risk. :) They LOVED it because I put their favorite characters on them.

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Good post!

Games are a hoot. Many a hunting trip stuck in the trailer during bad waether have we played cards for hours.

Ya might want to get a few card books:

Also Backgamon is a great game.

If at home ping pong is good to get a little excercise. I used to have a set with foam balls and plastic paddles and net that could convert any table. Loads of fun.

Playing games is something that can rreally bring a group together.

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For our 72 hour kits I have in there a deck of cards, a mini uno deck (I got in the party favor section of the store), and 5 dice. They don't take up much room and there are many games you can play with those three alone. Heck a deck of cards could go a long way. Kids love trying to do magic tricks with just a plain deck of cards!

We already have a slue of games at home that we love to play, so if needed, we'd just play some more!

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I'm in the process of making up my own deck of playing cards - but with survival information on them in addition to the number values and card suits on them. This way I have valuable information and also a very compact, portable game source.

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Board games are great fun. So are cards. Good family entertainment. So sad that kids are so hung up on electronic games, and that is all they know.

How about a football, soft ball, kite, etc. for outdoor activities weather permitting to kill time and promote family unity.
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