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Powdered Milk, how long will it last?

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I've been picking up powdered milk a little at a time and putting it away. This is one item I don't normally use, so I haven't been rotating it. Can someone tell me how long it will last? I don't want to keep buying it and have it end up being bad later on.
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As long as it says on the side of the package? :p

All depends on temperature. The ratings on the side of the package will relate to the product still either maintaining the same texture and taste etc or retaining a reasonable amount of nutrition. Normally for a dried product that life is assumed at an average stored shelf temperature ~15-20 degree C. Half that temperature and you might triple the life span of the product or more. It's not a Linea progression of shelf life / temp. Same if it's packaged in an oxygen free environment.

3 Main food killers when stored:

1)Moisture content
2)Oxygen content
3)Temperature (could probably be called the catalyst)
Also you will find it fairly well sterilized in it's original packaging. If you are going to repackage with o2 and moisture absorbers etc, make sure the working environment is sterile as well. You can easily add nasties and contaminants that could leave you in trouble years down the track when opened / consumed.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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